3D Printing For Ukraine

I saw this article in this morning’s Washington Post on 3D printing tourniquets for the Ukrainian citizens and troops. An email or two later, I had the STL files, ordered some spools of black PETG, and now am dialing in my printer with some red PETG, but the parts must be black.  It’s easy to print the parts, it’s just some time and materials.  There are excellent directions, the STL files are provided and the prints simply need to be strong, but not beautiful.

The host site for this project is 3DPrintingForUkraine.com.

Here is a similar post on using your printers to support the people of Ukraine from Prusa’s blog.

This is the filament I ordered.  I checked with the organizer and he said that filament would be fine.  My red test parts turned out very strong, even with a 0.4mm nozzle.  I have ordered an 0.8mm nozzle for $8.00 to help the printing go faster.  If yours do not come out strong, feel free to contact me for some help.

Slava Ukraini!

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