New Video Editing Class!

This class took about a year to develop and write.  The biggest struggle was finding a software package that ran on just about any computer, was easy to learn, yet powerful enough down the road and was FREE.

When I was teaching CTE Video Production, we used Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier, both excellent programs, but not even close to free, so I started with VideoPad.  At first, it showed promise, but then features switched from free to paid.  I next tried OpenShot, which was decent, but somewhat limited and prone to crash.  Blender has a great video editor, but it’s too complex for a class like I wanted to write.

Finally, I discovered DaVinci Resolve.  This is one serious piece of software and was used to produce films like the Jason Bourne series.  Yet, despite its power, it’s pretty easy to use and the lessons I created take you through the editor portion of the program one mouse click at a time.  Later on, if you want to get into more powerful features like sound and color editing, you have a great start.

Why is it free?  Simply put, the company makes its money from selling professional equipment like cameras and video editing equipment.  I’m really glad I found it.

You can sign up here.

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