Mastering WeVideo for Classroom Creativity

Mastering WeVideo for Classroom Creativity

TECH-920 –  Three 900-Level Semester Units

Embark on an exhilarating journey with ‘Mastering WeVideo for Classroom Creativity,’ where educators are equipped with dynamic, enjoyable, and highly effective teaching tools. Discover the art of creating multimedia content uniquely tailored to lessons, injecting an element of fun into the learning process.


WeVideo stands as a user-friendly canvas, fostering a seamless experience for teachers to assess student learning directly within the app. Unleashing the potential of fun-filled, engaging content, teachers effortlessly elevate student engagement levels, creating an interactive and captivating learning environment.

With WeVideo, the joy of learning transcends traditional boundaries. It’s an intuitive platform designed for educators to effortlessly weave creativity into their teaching methods, ensuring higher levels of participation and enthusiasm from students. Embrace the ease of building connections in any learning setting, making education a journey that is not only effective but also immensely enjoyable.

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