Installing GIMP on a Chromebook

For 99% of the image editing tasks, GIMP and Photoshop can do the same thing.  Of course, GIMP is much-lesser known as it is a free open-source program that does not have Adobe’s multimillion-dollar advertising campaign, but nevertheless, it gets the job done and more!

Now with many schools adopting Chromebooks, full-featured image editing has been limited.  No more, as you can now easily install GIMP on most Chromebooks.  I managed to install it on my 3-year old $225 Costco Chromebook and it runs great.  This is the full version of GIMP, not some watered-down web version.

Here are  Terminal Commands For Installing GIMP on a Chromebook,  versions 2.8 or 2.10, using your Chromebook’s version of Terminal.  Installing 2.8 is a little easier, but 2.10 is worth the little bit of extra time.

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