SketchUp For Teachers

SketchUp For Teachers

STEM-903-Three 900-Level Semester Units

Students love to draw and create (teachers too!). With a computer, some powerful, easy-to-learn modeling tools, and libraries of 3D objects, students will have the means to construct three-dimensional projects. This course will introduce you to SketchUp, a free program that is powerful enough for commercial applications such as Architecture and Engineering, yet simple enough that a 3rd grader can learn to use it.  This course will help you master the basics of SketchUp and explore ways to incorporate it into your instruction, ranging from Social Studies to STEM.

Students will also have the option to adapt many of the assignments for use in their own classroom.  Forum discussions throughout the course will allow the students to share creative and effective classroom uses of projects.

  • Three graduate-level semester credits from Fresno Pacific University.
  • 100% online.
  • Uses completely free, powerful, open-source software that runs on everything from PC’s to Chromebooks to Tablets.
  • The textbook is optional, everything else is provided.
  • Neither previous academic coursework nor work experience is required.


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Informational Video

Sample Screencast From The Course

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