All Classes

  • How is the instruction delivered?  All of my classes are 100% online, which gives you the flexibility to get the course completed on your own schedule.
  • How do online classes differ from traditional continuing education classes?  The primary difference is that you receive near-immediate feedback on each assignment instead of having to wait until after you mail in your completed packet.
  • Is this one of those classes where I get credit for doing stuff from a book?  Not at all.  There is a recommended book, but each course module includes original content from myself along with optional multiple resources to fit any skill level.  Screencasts take you through each step, one mouse click at a time.
  • How can I get a copy of your screencasts for use in my classroom?  I’ll be happy to send you the package of screencasts when you finish the course for you to use in your classes.
  • How long does the course take to complete?  Impossible to answer other to say I’ve had students complete a class in 3 weeks (FPU minimum allowed) and others take a full year, working on it off and on.  Most finish in a leisurely month or two.
  • Do I have to buy an expensive textbook for your courses?  Nope.  You don’t have to buy a book at all, or anything else for that matter as all of the software is free.  I do make a book recommendation and they range from about $5 used to $30 new, but many students find there is more than enough content in the course without a book.
  • What is Open-Source software?  These are programs developed by volunteer programmers for the good of the public.
  • What are the advantages of using open-source software?  It’s free and usually runs on all platforms – Windows, OSX (Macs) and Linux.  In most cases, it also runs on Chromebooks and iPads.
  • What are the prerequisite skills for these classes?  If you are reading this page, you are ready to go.


  • What grades can SketchUp be used in?  I have taught SketchUp to students in 3rd grade on up.
  • What subject areas can SketchUp be used?  While math and science (STEM) come to mind, you are only limited by your imagination as it could be used for any class utilizing projects or portfolios.
  • Is SketchUp really free? SketchUp is free for educational use, at home and at school.
  • What platforms does SketchUp run on?  All Windows and Mac computers.  Chromebooks, iPads, tablets and any other device connected to the Internet can access the online version of SketchUp.
  • Is it hard to learn?  Actually, it’s quite simple, yet powerful.  One aspect I have appreciated over the years is that SketchUp has hardly changed over time.  That makes it easy to stay on top of when it upgrades.

Digital Imaging

  • If I already own different software, can I use that instead?  Yes, although I’m not sure why anyone would want to use something other than GIMP.  It runs on just about any computer and since it is free, both you and your students can use it at home.
  • What is GIMP?  You can think of GIMP as free Photoshop.  GIMP can do almost all of the same tasks as any program you would pay money for, in many cases more!
  • Why have I never heard of GIMP?  I  suppose the simple answer is that they don’t spend a penny on advertising.

Digital Photography

  • What kind of camera gear do I need?  This course is about making the most of the gear you already own.  A DSLR or point-n-shoot camera that can save images in RAW format will make the most out of this course and your photography.  If you don’t know what  RAW format images are, please contact me.
  • If I already own different software, can I use that instead?  Yes.  It is the process, not that program that is most important.

All Things Video

  • If I already own different software, can I use that instead?  Yes.  DaVinci Resolve is the real deal and the video tutorials use Resolve, but 99% of the topics covered, transitions, titles/credits, effects, etc., can be accomplished in most programs.
  • Do I need an expensive video camera?  Not at all.  Today, even a basic phone can record video with great quality.  Additionally, you will be introduced to places where you can download millions of free video files, from clips to full-length movies.
  • What if I know nothing about using video?  Then you have found the class for you.  This class has many things for student of any skill level.