Teaching With Tinkercad

Teaching With Tinkercad

STEM-910 –  Three 900-Level Semester Units

Tinkercad is an amazingly easy-to-use, powerful program for creating 3D digital designs that are ready to be 3D printed, incorporated into projects or solve design challenges. This FREE collection of online software tools help people all over the world think, create, make and Tinker! For teachers, it integrates easily with Google/Tinkercad Classroom and is 100% cloud-based, meaning it will operate on any device that can run a web browser, including Chromebooks and iPads.

From the moment you open its welcoming interface, Tinkercad will draw you into the world of 3D modeling one basic shape at a time. All of the instruction is online, there are no extra materials to purchase. Students of all ages love Tinkercad. Discover and learn you can energize your instruction with Tinkercad.

Students will also have the option to adapt many of the assignments for use in their own classroom.  Forum discussions throughout the course will allow the students to share creative and effective classroom uses of digital imaging.

  • Three graduate-level semester credits from Fresno Pacific University.
  • 100% online.
  • Uses completely free, powerful software.
  • No textbook is required, everything is included in the course.
  • It can be taken on any device with an Internet connection and a mouse!
  • Neither previous academic coursework nor work experience is required.


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