SketchUp Pro 2020 – Should You Upgrade?

At the end of January, Trimble announced SketchUp Pro 2020.  I winced somewhat when I saw the subject title wondering if they wrecked a near-perfect thing.  After reading their announcement, the basics have remained untouched.

Students and teachers are either using the web-version or SketchUp Make 2017, which was the last free desktop version.  Regardless, I am still a strong advocate of using the built-in and custom keyboard shortcuts.  They save time and work in any version.

I did upgrade my free version of Pro to 2020, but that is because I know I am going to get work to grade saved by others using 2020 and I won’t be able to open it with earlier versions.  Otherwise, I saw no real reason to “upgrade”.

BTW, you can save your files so they can be opened by earlier versions.

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